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Do you carry any other brands besides
Hunter Douglas?

No, we have an exclusive contract with Hunter Douglas and that is by choice. In the past, we used to carry upwards of 5-6 manufacturer’s lines.  Over the years we have narrowed it down to just carrying Hunter Douglas. 

Why not?

Custom blinds are a big investment but they are also a serviceable item; things can go wrong with them! Hunter Douglas is the only manufacturer I trust to stand behind their product, allowing me to service my customers the way they deserve, should an issue arise. They have a broad range, and we trust them to deliver.

Why do you charge a consult fee?

We only charge a consult fee when meeting our clients on-site. Many times window coverings are simple and decisions are made and ordered simply by sending texts and images, and we never meet the homeowner in person! However, for the person who desires a more hands on approach, the design consult covers our time, allowing us the option to consider that a different route may be preferable for the project. We can view the project through a design eye not just with the hopes of a blind sale. 9 times out of 10 Hunter Douglas is a perfect fit for our clients. In that instance, when you purchase from us, the consult fee is 100% refundable.

Do you offer price matching?

It never hurts to ask! Especially if we are doing an Apples to apples quote with Hunter Douglas.  Even if you have a bid from another company but would like to work with us, we are always open to conversations around pricing with our customers. 

What are the benefits of purchasing my blinds locally?

Besides the moral kudos of supporting local? 


The number one practical reason is service.  Not just on the front end, but more so if problems arise! We service what we sell. Anyone can close the big job but not everyone will show up when there’s a problem. When you buy locally, you are really investing in peace of mind ~ knowing that if or when there are  problems - we will resolve it quickly! Because we are right here. 


We offer liberal service policies, as does Hunter Douglas.  Please feel free to inquire. 

Do you offer installation services?

We install everything we sell. However, we do not install or service other manufacturers products.

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