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Unsure … or Overwhelmed?

In today's world, there are too many options, and the window coverings industry is no different. So. Please. Let us try to simplify the process for you.

If you are constrained to a budget, but want the most bang for your buck, let us know that. We can introduce you to the products that will work for your home, while keeping you away from the ones you will surely love but don't want to pay for!

Or.... Maybe it's not so much about budget as it is about styling. If you have recently built a home or purchased a new home, many small and big decisions went into that process. Most people are pretty tired of making decisions by the time it comes to selecting window coverings. But hang in there for just a little longer … because the function of your blinds is important, but also the design element they add does matter.... it is one more decision requiring your attention.

I have a design background, so whether I am working with your contractor, you personally, or your designer, I can put on the right hat to help make one of these final - but important - decisions painless and spot on.

There are a lot of choices. And a lot of price points! Some of the most beautiful window treatments carry a hefty price tag. In some instances, they are worth it. At other times in your life, or budget, they just aren't. Trust me. Together, we can figure out something that will work for you, that you will love, that will compliment your home, and respect your budget.

window as a blank canvas, in need of a blind, but where do i start?
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